Walkthrough of app showing its functions

I’dentity is a psychology textbook app where students can learn about theories and psychologists by discovering their own unique perspectives through interactive scenarios and experiments. For this project I created the concept, UX design, and branding, then integrated my branding into the larger system.
For the branding, I used bright, bold colors and iconography that would make the learning experience fun without seeming childish. I used reflection as a recurring brand element when the content relates directly to the user, so they can see how the activities relate to them and reflect their opinions.
The course homepage (left) is where the students can customize his dashboard and access his textbook chapters. The chapter page (right) is organized by lessons and their corresponding interactive scenarios and additional content.
The pages above show elements of one interactive scenario where the student has to make a choice. This example is the Trolley Problem, which is intended to teach students about morality.
These pages show the insights the student learns about himself after completing the scenario. He can learn what different psychologists have to say about the scenario and his answer and decide which psychologists he agrees with and which he disagrees with, and learn additional insights specific to him.
These final screens are in the student's profile, where he can see where his views fall on spectrums of major psychological issues, and how he compares to psychologists and his fellow classmates.

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