VibeFest is a music, visual art, and food festival that centers around 3 very different musical genres: Electronic Dance Music, Korean Pop, and Southern Hip-hop. You can learn about the culture surrounding each of these genres by being immersed in them. Enjoy a multi-sensory music experience you won’t find anywhere else. Discover something new, and find out what you vibe with. 
My main goal for this project was to create a complex brand system that could be identified as belonging to the same entity, but that also differentiated between 3 sub-brands that correspond to different music genres (EDM, K-Pop, and Hip-Hop) and between 3 kinds of experiences (music, visual art, and food). The challenge was in making these distinctions clear and recognizable, but allowing the brand to be relatively dynamic, free, and able to be applied in many ways across many forms of communication, all while making sure the actual content was still clear and digestible.
Click here if you want to check out my full VibeFest brand guide.
The website is a hub for anything you need to know about VibeFest. It contains the full music lineups and schedules, ticket purchasing, information about all visual artists and food vendors, and everything else attendees might want to know about before the weekend of the festival. (Click here to see a walkthrough of the website, plus all the other animation work I did for this project!)
MOBILE APP – Interactive Map
The interactive map contains many features, including Your Plan, where you can schedule your weekend to make sure you don’t miss anything you want to see, hear, or taste. (Click here to see a walkthrough of the interactive map, plus all the other animation work I did for this project!)
Top row: general festival merchandise; Bottom row: genre-specific merch

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